Song List

  • Afterlife Waltz (Mov. 7 of 7"Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings 

    All Is Lost (Mov. 3 of 7 from "Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings 

    All of the Sudden, They Were Gone (Mov. 1 of 7 from "Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings 

    Amazing Things Piano/Orch 

    Beautiful Hurt  Period Era Trailer 

    Beautiful Pain Cue Sad Guitar 

    Becoming the True You Corporate 

    Bitter Sweet (piano Trailer) Piano Trailer 

    Blue Christmas (Missing You) Cover Solo  Piano 

    Bold and Beautiful (Ver. 1 Heavy Perc) 90 Sec Commercial 

    Bold and Beautiful VER. 2 (Light Perc) 90 Sec Commercial 

    Bow To Queen 90 Sec Commercial 

    Bow to the Queen (full song Instr. ) Hip Hop Commercial 

    Broken Solo Piano 

    Built Tough (with yells) Rock 

    Buried Deep  Sad Piano and Strings 

    Carpe Diem (Alex Dilan Orchestra) Orchestra (Movie Title) 

    CHAMPIONS  Hybrid Sports Theme 

    Closer To You (Let It Go) Original Song 

    Come On (and Move). Percussion Dance 

    Come to Mommy  Warm Piano and Strings 

    Countdown to Doomsday (Cue) Epic Percussion TRAILER 

    Counterpoint (Typewriter) Percussion 

    Coup D'etat (Ver Dra) Neo Classical 

    Death on Wheels  Metal/Rock 

    Death Where Is Your Sting? Slow Burn TRAILER 

    Deck the Halls and Angels We Have Heard on High Christmas Chamber Woodwings 

    Deck the Halls with Italians and Greeks Ethnic Christmas 

    Definite Unknown  Drum Solo 

    Destruction of the Inner Self TRAILER 

    Determined to Win! (Ver. 2) Hybrid SportsTheme 

    Ding Dong Merrily On High  Orchestral hristmas 

    Disarmed by a Smile Neo Classical String Quartet 

    Do a Lip Dance 90 Sec Commercial ance 

    Do Not Destroy This Temple Middle East 

    Don't Let Go Of Me Sad Guitar 

    Doomsday (Short Version) TRAILER 

    Down and Dirty (Phat Street Vibe 2) Percussion 

    Dream, Leap, Fly Corporate Positive 

    Echoes of Love New Age Solo Piano 

    ECSTATIC Funk Commercial 

    End of the Universe Epic Orchestra (a la Hans Zimmer) 

    Enemy of the State Orchestral Tension 

    Esperanza Solo Nylon Guitar 

    Evil Intentions Gothic Hip Hop 

    Falling Snow (Ding Dong Merrily on High) Christmas Solo Piano 

    Farewell Plano Solo 

    Femme Fatale III. Rock Hybrid TRAILER 

    Fight For It HIP HOP Commercial 

    Fight For It! (with Interjections) HIP HOP 90 Sec 

    FIGHT FOR IT (Alt mix with Interjections) HIP HOP 

    Fight the Darkness 2 Classical Hip Hop 

    Fight the Darkness 1 Middle East 

    Final Farewell TRAILER 

    Find You Song Feat. Katherine Alexandra 

    Flirting With Danger Neo Classical Classical 

    Fly or Die (Embrace the Pain)  TRAILER 

    Forbidden  Gothic Hip Hop 

    Forsaken Memory  Piano 

    Fur Elise Gypsy Dance Hybrid Classical 

    Going Up! Sound Design Percussion 

    Goodbye Sad Piano and Strings 

    Hacked Algorithm Electronic Cue (a La I Am Robot) 

    Happy To Be With You Piano 

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Feat. Joy M.) Christmas w 

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas  Christmas Piano 

    Heavenly Body Retro Dance 

    Hello Loneliness Piano and Complex Strings 

    Heroes Are Forged, Not Born Epic Hip Hop 

    Heroes in All of Us  TRAILER 

    Heroes (version 1) Corporate Positive 

    Hidden Threat Orchestral Tension Hip Hop 

    Hope Is Near Fast Positive Piano 

    Hopeless (solo #10) Piano Solo 

    How I Miss You (feat. Genny Dilan)  SONG 

    I AM the Bringer of Death (Time) Slow Burn RAILER 


    If Only You Knew Solo Beautiful Piano 

    ILLUMINATI (Abridged)   Gothic Hip Hop 

    I'M AN ARMY OF ONE (With a Voice of a 1000 Sisters)! Female Empowerment Song 

    I'm Not Your Bitch Metal 

    I"M RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE  Piano Solo 

    In Remembrance Guitar Cue 

    In Search for Blood Slow Burn TRAILER 

    In Search for More Blood Slow Burn TRAILER 

    It Tolls for Thee Piano/Guitar/Orchestra Cue 

    I Will Carry You  Plano and Orchestra 

    I Will Fight for You Epic Orchestra 

    I Will Come Back for You  PIANO TRAILER 

    I Will Remember You BOLLYWOOD 

    I Wish You Well Plano and Orchestra 



Jangle Bells  Christmas EDM  

Jangle Bells (feat. Katherine Alexandra) Christmas EDM  

Jazz Me Bells Christmas Slo Piano  

Jingle Bells (2 Piano Boogie) Christmas Pianos  

Joy to the World Dance! (feat. Genny D) Christmas Song  

Just Hold On (Feat Alexandra) Original SONG  

Just Hold On (Full Band Version) Original SONG  

Let Me Make Love to You Country SONG Demo  

Let Them Eat Cake 3 Neo Classical  

Letting Go (Mov. 6 of 7 from "Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings  

Light the Fuse and Run! (Dilan Mov. 5 of 14) EPIC Hip Hop  

Loneliness (Mov. 5 of 7 from "Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings  

Long Ago, Far Away Piano  

Longing (Alex Dilan Piano Solo) Piano SoloLove Heals All Wounds  Piano and Strings  

LOVE Positive Piano  

Marauders (Dilan Mov. 9 of 14) Middle East  

Meditation #1 Piano Meditation  

Meditation #2 Piano Meditation  

Meditation #3 Piano Meditation  

Memories of You Country Song Demo  

Menace (Video Game) EPIC Hip Hop  

Mi Destino (My Destiny) V.2 Spanish SONG Demo  

My Destiny (Mi Destino) Instrumental SONG Demo  

More Cowbell!  Mardi Gras Marching Band  

Mutation Hybrid RAILER  

Mysteries and Mayhem Neo Classical TRAILER  

Never Give Up (Perseverance) Orchestral Positive Corporate  

Never Surrender! (Hollywood Orch Mix 2) Hybrid Rock Sports Theme  

Never Surrender! Hybrid Rock Sports Theme  

No More Peace Electronic  

O Christmas Original Christmas Demo  

O Come All Ye Faithful (Triumphant) Orchestra Christmas  

O Holy, Silent Night  Orchestra Christmas  


On My Way Up (45 Second Cue) K Pop  

On Wings of Desire Piano and Strings  

On Wings of Love Solo Piano  

Phoenix Rising Again TRAILER  

Planning the Takeover (Dilan Mov. 4 of 14) Competition Tension  

Prepare for the Final Battle Fantasy Orchestra  

Presents! (Alex Dilan Piano) Christmas Piano and Cello  

Pressure is Building (Dilan Mov. 12 of 14) EPIC  

Proton Problem Electronic  

Pull Me Under Sad Solo Piano  

Queen of Hearts Makeup Commercial  

Quiet Moments (Jolly Old St. Nicholas) Solo Christmas Piano  

Retro Dance Retro Dance  

Rise and Shine (Version 2) Positive Corporate  

Sad #11 (I Loved You Once) Solo Piano  

Sad #12 (Broken) Solo Piano  

Sad #13 (Letting Go) Solo Piano  

Sad #14 (Unforgiven) Solo Piano  

Sad #15 (BLINDED) Solo Piano  

SAD #16 (ORPHANED) Solo Piano  



SAD #3 (ALL IS LOST) Solo Piano  

SAD #4 (Tears Fall Like Rain) Solo Piano  

SAD #5 (LONELINESS) Solo Piano  

SAD #6 (Let Me Go) Solo Piano  

SAD #7 (Memories in F# Minor) Solo Piano  

Sadness Descending (Mov. 2 of 7 from "Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings  

Seducing Angels Chill Hop  

Shoot to Kill Orchestral Tension Cue  

Skeletons Vesus Mankind  Epic Rercussion  

Slow Motion Anarchy Drone/Ectronic  

Small Works, Great Wonders Sentimental Piano  

Smart and Sassy Cosmetic Commercial  

Snap, Clap, and Pop!  Percussion  

Snowfall to Nuclear Winter Turning to Horror  

Snowflakes Falling Christmas Piano and Solo Violin  

SO BEAUTIFUL  Sentimental Piano  

Sparks In My Dark Soul  (trailer Ed) Acoustic Build Trailer  

Spirits Protect You Fantasy Trailer  


Tears Fall Like Rain (Mov. 4 of 7 from "Suite Sadness") Piano and Strings  

Tell Me That You Love Me SONG  

The Chase (Dilan Mov. 14 of 14) Menacing Hip Hop  

The End Is Near Percussion and Och.  

The First Noel  Smooth Jazz  

The Good, The Bad, The Silent Night PlayChristmas Parody  

The Long Farewell New Age  

The Magic of Christmas (Deck the Halls)  SoloPiano Christmas  

The Noise In My Head Sound Design Trailer  

The Road Not Taken Sad Guitar  

The Witches Arrive Fantasy Trailer  

Threat To Us All (V. 3) Orchestral Tension  

Time to Die Slow Burn Trailer  

Tough as Nails Metal  

Twilight  New Age Meditation  

UNBREAKABLE Hopeful Orchestra  

Unexpected Gift Intimate Christmas  

Unforgiven Solo Piano Cue  

Unstoppable (Sports Theme #3) SPORTS THEME  

Up on the Country Housetop (arr. A. Dilan) Children Christmas  

Waiting for the War (Time Is Running Out) Orchestral Tension  

Walking on Thin Ice Orchestral Tension  

We 3 Kings Play a Mean Guitar  Christmas Parody  

Welcome Home  Christmas Solo Piano  

We Wish You a Fireplace Christmas Christmas Parody  

What If I Never Met You (Semper Fi My Friend) SONG  

Winter Walk (Alex Dilan Piano) Christmas New Age Piano  

World Peace Piece (Whoo Hey!) Percussion  

Wrap Me Around You (Amazing Love) Folk Song Demo  

You Are Written In My Heart K Pop  

You Don't Have to Be Alone (Duet) SONG  

Your Life Matters Hybrid Rock